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Is it TV? Is it Art? It's both!

How amazing is Samsung's Frame TV?

Is it TV?  Is it Art?  It's both!

One of the biggest issues that many of our clients have with living room televisions is how big and, sometimes, obtrusive they can be.  They’re generally right in the middle of a living space and when they’re off, they’re usually not that visually appealing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the TV could “disappear” when not in use?  Well, Samsung isn’t able to make their products vanish into thin air; however, they’ve done the next best thing – they’ve turned it into art!


The Frame TV operates in two different modes: standard and art.  When running in standard mode, the TV functions as any normal TV does.  It’s a true 4k TV and the picture quality is exactly what you should expect from Samsung: excellent.  Whether you’re watching a movie or the big game, the picture quality will not disappoint.  With aesthetics in mind, they’ve even made available different frame colors to help your TV truly mesh with the color palette of your room.

When you switch the TV to art mode, it dims the intensity of the backlight and displays your choice of a wide variety of art.  There are several beautiful pictures that come standard with the TV that you can display.  They have an art store available to purchase some incredible and unique pictures and photos that may be more to your liking.  Lastly, if you have your own piece of art that you’d prefer to show off, you’re able to upload it and have it displayed as the centerpiece of the room.  It really can turn anything into a masterpiece!

The Samsung Frame TV currently comes in two sizes: 55” and 65”.  The smaller 43” version of the TV is arriving very soon as well.  We have clients placing these TVs in ordinary TV locations: above fireplaces, in bedrooms and in offices.  We also have clients choosing to place these TVs in locations you’d ordinarily put wall art.  The beauty of this TV is that it allows you to be flexible with the art you have on display.  If you want fall-themed art on display during Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s as easy as hitting a few buttons.  If you’d like to display a picture of your family during a gathering, it’s also just as easy.

If you’d like to see the Frame TV in person, stop by our showroom anytime to take a look!  We’d be happy to show you all of the features of the Frame TV in person.

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