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We’ll teach you how to use your new system!

Tutorials - How Important Are They?

We’ll teach you how to use your new system!

Arguably, the best part of hiring us to provide to you a new and exciting system is getting to dive in and use it.  Listening to your new speakers, watching an action movie on your new 4k TV or projector, or just simplifying your life with home automation – all of these systems are meant to improve your quality of life.  All of this is true if you know how to use the technology to its full extent.


Television vs. projection: what’s right for me?

How to determine the best viewing solution for you and your viewing space

Television vs. projection: what’s right for me?

With the ever-increasing popularity of open floor plans, entertaining spaces are growing larger and larger.  With the increase in room size, larger and larger televisions are becoming available and increasingly affordable.  For many people, there is an intersection in terms of size where you might ask yourself, “Is projection or a traditional television is right for me?”

While there isn’t a clear-cut answer to this question, there are a number of variables that should help make the decision a little bit easier.  Consideration of all of these variables will help you determine whether a traditional flat-panel television is the right solution, or if opting for a projection solution might provide a bit better bang for your buck. 


The latest and greatest - What we saw at CEDIA!

The latest and greatest - What we saw at CEDIA!

Last week we took our annual trip to our industry’s trade show put on by the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).  The CEDIA expo is a wonderful trade show that exhibits current and upcoming technology specific to the audio/video industry, provides ongoing education for owners, salespeople and installers, and is a fantastic platform for people in our industry to network and get to know each other.  Needless to say, it was a very productive week for us.

There were a number of products that caught our eye when perusing the over 50,000 square foot showroom floor.  From televisions to speakers, from projection screens to window shades, from satellite TV providers to voice-activated devices - each piqued our interest in its own unique way.  Below is a small preview of some of the most interesting products that we experienced.

In the arena of speakers, we were excited to see that Origin Acoustics is maintaining its reputation of producing incredibly innovative products, providing exceptional value and producing a truly luxury-class speaker.  Their first foray into in-room subwoofers was a home run.  The subwoofers that are replacing them are even better. Not only do the speakers have incredible specifications, but they look extremely handsome with a number of looks including an optional grey burlap fabric. In the near future, keep an eye out for Origin’s new Valet amp that utilizes a series of in-room Amazon Echo Dots that are hidden behind a traditional speaker grille. This will offer customers the ability to control audio in multiple rooms of the house by using simple voice commands.

Not to be outdone, Monitor Audio revealed a new version of their “Silver” level of in-room speakers.  We had the chance to demo these speakers in a theater environment and as always, we were extremely impressed with the clarity of sound.  Monitor is also known for having truly beautiful finishes on their in-room speakers and the new Silvers are no exception.  The set we saw were done in an incredibly deep satin white gloss.

In the world of television, we were not disappointed.  Sony, Samsung and LG all had their most cutting edge 4k HDR displays up for viewing.  Of note, the LG signature-series television at only 2.57 millimeters thick and the Samsung Frame TV that looks like a piece of art when not in use as a traditional television.  They were both very impressive to see in-person

The last bit of technology that caught our eye was is an in-room voice-enabled device, similar to Amazon Echo, but much more powerful as it is a truly artificial intelligence system.  We saw a demo of the device in-action and when given the command, “Josh, play the latest episode of Breaking Bad”; the lights dimmed, the shades drew closed, the television turned on, the Netflix app started and navigated to the Breaking Bad television show and automatically playing the last episode.  This was an incredible moment for us because it was a snapshot of the future of A/V - a harmonious integration of the user and their technology.

We’ve only scratched the very surface of what we saw at the tradeshow; however, these are the products that really caught our eye. We’ve consistently found CEDIA to be an extremely valuable and educational experience for those of us in this company.  CEDIA helps expose us to the enormous variety of product that exists in our industry today.  By going to this annual tradeshow, we’re able to intelligently offer you the most up-to-date solutions and products that align with your lifestyle.  It also helps us prepare for the future and offer products that will stand the test of time.  CEDIA also provides us with a unique view of the future of our industry and we’re excited for what it has in store!

September’s special:  10% off all new speaker purchases

Big Games and Big Screens

Big Games and Big Screens

Over the next few weeks, the air will cool, the leaves will change and football season will be well underway.  As is tradition, many of us will find ourselves in our favorite seats, eating our favorite game-time snacks and watching our trusty television sets. It’s everything you could want, but it could be better!

4K televisions have become incredibly affordable this year.  Additionally, for the same price as the television that was purchased a couple of years ago, you can get into one that is larger, brighter and equipped with the newest HDR technology. Even better, with new 4K projectors and new ALR (ambient light rejection) screens, you can enjoy razor sharp 4K images that are larger than life on a screen over 120" with no loss of clarity - all for the same price as a premium 80" or larger TV.

We carry all the major television brands including Sony, Samsung and LG to name a few. We carry many projector brands as well including the most popular Epson and Sony lines. Pair your projector with a beautiful Black Diamond screen from Screen Innovations (SI) and you’ll be the envy of everyone watching the game.

Additionally, when purchasing through us, you get a truly custom solution tailored to your exact needs and wants. All equipment is installed by professionals who not only have years of experience with these products, but are truly passionate about the technology. It’s also important to note that our prices are extremely competitive. We’ll meet or beat the big box stores’ pricing on products.

Lastly, more and more 4K content is available via your satellite provider, streaming service and 4K Blu-ray disc.  Where there was a large void of 4K content a couple of years ago, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for in an ever-expanding library of 4K content today. Whether you’re streaming online, watching via satellite or cable, or playing a 4K Blu-ray disc; today’s Ultra HD 4K content is also frequently paired with the most cutting edge audio formatting – Dolby Digital and even Dolby Atmos.

Our team is comprised of audio-visual experts that have over 40-years of combined experience in the industry Contact us today to schedule a free onsite with one of our experts to find out how we can make this football season the most enjoyable one yet!

September’s special:  10% off all new speaker purchases