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Is it TV? Is it Art? It's both!

How amazing is Samsung's Frame TV?

Is it TV?  Is it Art?  It's both!

One of the biggest issues that many of our clients have with living room televisions is how big and, sometimes, obtrusive they can be.  They’re generally right in the middle of a living space and when they’re off, they’re usually not that visually appealing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the TV could “disappear” when not in use?  Well, Samsung isn’t able to make their products vanish into thin air; however, they’ve done the next best thing – they’ve turned it into art!


A strong structured wiring system – the foundation of your smart home!

How to get the most out of your structured wiring system

A strong structured wiring system – the foundation of your smart home!

With more and more of the devices within your home connecting to the internet, having a strong and comprehensive wiring infrastructure is more important than ever.  Because of this increased dependency, more and more new home builders are choosing to include strong structured wiring packages for their clients in the new homes they’re building today.  For those of us in existing homes, does that mean we’re out of luck?  Thankfully, no; retrofitting wiring to connect devices is something that is commonly done today.


Television vs. projection: what’s right for me?

How to determine the best viewing solution for you and your viewing space

Television vs. projection: what’s right for me?

With the ever-increasing popularity of open floor plans, entertaining spaces are growing larger and larger.  With the increase in room size, larger and larger televisions are becoming available and increasingly affordable.  For many people, there is an intersection in terms of size where you might ask yourself, “Is projection or a traditional television is right for me?”

While there isn’t a clear-cut answer to this question, there are a number of variables that should help make the decision a little bit easier.  Consideration of all of these variables will help you determine whether a traditional flat-panel television is the right solution, or if opting for a projection solution might provide a bit better bang for your buck. 


There’s no place like a smart home for the holidays!

Make the most of your home during the upcoming holiday season

There’s no place like a smart home for the holidays!

With the cold weather setting in and the holidays quickly approaching, we’re all spending more time indoors.  Rapidly approaching are Thanksgiving and Christmas and with these holidays are many hours within our homes doing what we all love – sharing time with our friends and families.  With smart home options from Control4, your home can truly come alive during the holiday season and make entertaining even easier